Library Hours & FAQs

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Library FAQs

What do I need to check out books? 

You need your student ID or you need to know your student ID number. Your library account needs to be clear, with no overdue books or fines.

How many books can I check out? 

You can have up to 5 books checked out at a time.

How long can I have books checked out for?

The CHS loan period is 3 weeks. You will receive the due date when you check out a book.

Where do I return my book? 

Please watch this video created by library TA’s to show you where to return your books. If you leave it on the circulation desk, it will not be checked it, and it could be lost. It would then be your responsibility. Please be sure to turn it into the correct place.

What if my book is past due?

If your book is past due or late, you can come in and renew the book (you must bring the book with you to renew it). I will also send reminders to either return your book or renew it. If it is 4 weeks past due, you will be charged for full price of the book and a hold will be put on your ASB account. *PLEASE RETURN OR RENEW BOOKS ON TIME*

What does a hold on my ASB account mean?

A hold on your ASB account means that until you either return the book or pay for the book, you will be unable to make purchases for anything (dances, activities, yearbooks, etc.).

What if I lose or damage my book?

Unfortunately, if you lose or badly damage a library book you will be responsible for the cost of the book. (Do not check out books for other people, if they lose it or damage it the only person I will have on record for being responsible for it is YOU.)

Can I eat in the library? 

You may eat in the library during either lunch as long as you’ve checked with me (Mrs. Torres) to make sure it is ok. You may not eat near the library computers or near any library materials. Please do not eat on our bean bag chairs. PLEASE PICK UP ALL OF YOUR TRASH.